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El Sid Cocktail Lounge

Paying homage to Sid Vicious

Miles Painting of Sid Vicious

APEX's owner Johnny Carswell grew up a punker. Mohawk and all. He appreciated the British punk scene and opulence of once vibrant cities in conflict with the the grittiness of disenfranchised punk kids.

Their unrest. Their irreverence.

El Sid sits in what once was a dance studio when the Mason's owned 1611 Everett Ave. back in the 1930s. The building oozes opulence so why not bring Sid Vicious into the mix to shake things up.

We'll post El Sid's cocktail menu just prior to opening.

Trust us, if you're going to want to be seen somewhere, it will be in El Sid Cocktail Lounge.

Located on the Second Floor

Opening in Summer 2024.

El Sid Cocktail Lounge Logo
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